Commercial & Residential


Here at RP Exteriors, we install professional, custom fit Christmas lighting. We ensure that your house stands out because of the beautiful lights and not because of unsightly electrical cords or extra light bulbs. 

Removal & Storage of Christmas Lights is included. After the holidays we will remove and package all lights in a storage container, where you can keep at home or we can store for you until next year.

We Guarantee Our Lights! Whether a light bulb comes loose, a critter chews a cable or for some unexplained reason our lights cut out, we will come out to troubleshoot and fix them. We will show up for a service call up to Christmas Eve.

WATERSCAPE DISCOUNT. For being our neighbors at Waterscape, Royse City, we are extending out an additional 10% off your final price!

Starting at just $399. Our price includes all material, installation, removal and service calls! We only use commercial grade and LED lights to ensure you receive the highest quality service. Returning customers who keep the same setup only pay for installation!

All installation material is included in our pricing. No need to worry about an inflated price after installation.